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Development begins when a person has created the necessary conditions that provide them with the opportunity to control that which develops them, which is directly related to the skills and knowledge acquired. Jie Kong (Oleg Cherne)

The TCH website (Oleg Cherne’s website) is a practical path to change and transformation. Here, you will find knowledge from various traditions, aimed at the practical improvement of the human being.

The TCH programs represent the years of experience of Oleg Cherne and his students, a special path and method of nurturing the energy, body, and mind.

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  • Smart People

    Smart People

    Smart people are a class of people who exist in the process and who do not shy away. Smart people are able to rely on the plane of their own existence and they can plan […]

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  • Interaction with the Prenatal Energy of the Practitioner

    Interaction with the Prenatal Energy of the Practitioner

    Space is a special unit of existence of the macrocosm, in which, in addition to the concept of three-dimensional space, there is an integral space. It forms temporal and timeless factors of existence in space. […]

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  • The Search for Happiness

    Pursuit of Happiness

    Everyone is looking for happiness in a relationship. Everyone seeks happiness because it is a desirable quest. Everyone wants happiness because it doesn’t cost to want it. People put their whole lives on it, developing […]

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