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Self-perfection is the ultimate characteristic and tradition of mankind. Sri Chola (Oleg Cherne)

The TCH website (Oleg Cherne’s website) is a practical path to change and transformation. Here, you will find knowledge from various traditions, aimed at the practical improvement of the human being.

The TCH programs represent the years of experience of Oleg Cherne and his students, a special path and method of nurturing the energy, body, and mind.

+The Daoist Path of Development

The Daoist path of development is a knowledge system, a worldview, which lays the foundations for the practical process of changing oneself and getting rid of crude energy by transforming it. This fundamental concept is based on the knowledge of the macrocosmic laws and the nature of the soul. The universal principle here is to nurture the soul and raise it to the rank of the Absolute, i.e. the concept of Yang.

In the Chinese tradition, the Daoist system is also known as the Art of Yellow and White, or the Way of the Cinnabar. This is a system of practical knowledge aimed at developing the possibilities for energy regeneration and transformation. This leads to a partial or complete transformation of the body with the help of the gradual cultivation of the germinal pill located at the confluence of the prenatal energy Su Yun Liu Cheng Yin.

Daoist knowledge emerged as a result of the need to overcome the temporary (i.e. death). The most interesting and intriguing aspect here is that initially the human body was perceived as a kind of consciousness. Therefore, the main impulse that launched the formation of Daoist alchemy was in fact the life and immortality of the consciousness emanating from the state of the Uterine body (a body endowed with a crucible).

So, if we want to understand the Daoists concepts, we need to consider two parameters: the original consciousness and the developed consciousness.

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+The Integral Path of Development

The integral path of development allows a person to improve in accordance with the evolutionary laws of the macrocosmic levels. We cannot understand our own nature unless we take into account the numerous parameters of the conditions for our existence.

The improvement process is associated with the passing or often overcoming of various thresholds or obstacles on the way. The criteria for the success of this process are the energy changes in our internal and external state, the change in the levels of this state. These changes are a reflection of integral space within human nature.

The main sign of difficulty on this path is the lack of a proper attunement and conscious orientation while implementing our development tasks, which is accompanied by nutritional and respiratory disorders, and unbalanced development of the physical body.

Integral development is the art of going from the state of sensing to the state of feeling, from the state of feeling to the state of experiencing, from the state of experiencing to the state of having awareness. All this is accompanied by a harmonization in accordance with the twelve macrocosmic principles. In order to properly perceive the practical path, we need to gain the experience of overcoming the thresholds, the experience of transiting between the levels of our state, and we also need to maintain our direction in this process.

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